Thursday, April 7, 2011

S'Mores Pie

Over Spring Break Lou & I went camping (well as "camping" as I get) in a cabin.
We decided to do a camping inspired pie while there.
What says camping more than S'Mores? Nothing!?

For our pie we combined 2 cups of heavy cream with a box of devil's food chocolate pudding.

Though we wished we'd brought a handmixer becuase it ended up a little grainy.

We piled that mixture in a premade graham cracker crust.

Then we tried toasting some marshmallows over the fire in the woodstove (see above) but that was taking forever and they seemed too big on the middle of the pie. So we cut the marshmallows in half and covered the pie. By then we were too full with other camping food, so we didn't feel like eating the pie (plus we'd left our long lighter for toasting the marshmallows back home...) so we stuck it in the fridge overnight. It traveled to Mesa with Lout where the marshmallows on top were toasted with a lighter and then it was devoured by her family, who she said liked it very much. :)

Lou would be making this post, but she has been sick in bed all week. :( poor thing.

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