Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chocolate Chess Pie

We like Chess Pie, so we thought we ought to try a chocolate variety.
Here is the cast of characters.

We melted the chocolate in the melted butter. It was just easier. I would suggest a little more chocolate personally. It wasn't very chocolatey. But I think the others liked it just like it was. So it depends on your tastes.

Above you see the dry ingredients and the butter, below you see the finished filling. It was really runny, and we were kind of worried, but it turned out fine. However, this was supposedly only enough filling for one pie. Not so. We filled two. If we had tried to stuff it all into one it would have been a major disaster.

This is the finished product. Looks kind of strange. Kimmy and I kind of dubbed it "wrinkly old man pie" but it tastes good.

The perfect slice. Amy and Kimmy think it kind of tastes like hot chocolate. I liked it.

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