Friday, October 22, 2010

Cannoli Pie!

We decided we wanted to do something easy this last week.
I needed something simple after the week I had had.

This was super easy and delicious, and it makes two pies.
There are a few changes we would make however.

We thought we should use mini-chocolate chips and chop the roasted almonds. Smaller pieces so as not to interrupt the smoothness of the pie. And instead of whole chips in the filling doing a chocolate ganache layer then the filling.

Cast of characters. Artistically displayed a la Kimmy.

You have to have your crusts made and fully cooled prior.

Filling is just the pudding, the milk, the cream cheese, the almond extract, etc...

The filling prior to mixing. Pretty isn't it?

Fill the crusts. Then whip the cream and top it.
Then we put chopped almonds and chips on top, with a cherry. It looks so pretty.

The perfect slice. Awesome.

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