Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brown Sugar Pineapple Pie

Hi all of you people out there in blogworld! is anyone there!?! 
Blogging has taken a backseat recently since in the ever so captivating "non-blog" world my hubs was in grad school and i wen't back to school (and i work full time) BUT since it's almost winter break...let's talk about pie!

This brown sugar pineapple pie is YUMMY! recipe here!

It's a recipe by Michelle Branch, yes the singer, and it's a good one. The filling is made with canned crushed pineapple, RUM (i may be overstating this) and there is a crumb topping that gets crisp and lovely on the top, it really complements the filling. I made this for thanksgiving (last year, YIKES i'm behind) and it was a lovely addition alongside the more "traditional" pies. 

SIDENOTE: is this where i confess that i really don't like apple OR pumpkin pie?!? my in-laws say it's un-american, it's a good thing i'm still CANADIAN!

I hope you have now recovered from the shock that is a post on this seemingly defunct blog and