Friday, October 1, 2010

Chocolate Crunch Mud Pie

Last weeks pie. Sorry for the delay in posting. I'm a spaz.

The crust was very simple. semi sweet chocolate chips, rice krispies, and butter.

The finished crust seemed really thick, but it was actually the perfect consistency.

Here are the cast of characters for the filling. The most time consuming part of this pie is the freezer time for the crusts and the finished product. It calls for lots of time so plan ahead.

Lovely whipped cream for the top. I mixed it a lot, to make sure it was very thick. I wanted it to be somewhat firm.

The finished product. I grated some chocolate on the top and stuck a couple shards of chocolate in them, just garnish. So pretty.

And very nummy. We decided that the whip cream needed to be less sweet. And we thought perhaps more cream cheese in the filling, first to cut the sweetness but also to firm it up a bit, and take less freezer time.

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  1. But you gotta eat it right away, because my left over pie ended up with soggy cereal crust. :(


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