Monday, September 6, 2010

Orange Meringue Pie

I chose an Orange Meringue Pie for this weeks endeavor. I found a marvelous recipe online that also supplied me with a wonderful, and very simple pie crust recipe.

The meringue method is also great, and one that I will use from now on.

This pie crust was easily prepared by hand, but a food processor may also be used.

Of course having a rolling pin would have made things much more simple, but mine seems to have gone missing. So a MagLite flashlight came in very handy. It was sanitized, I promise.

The recipe calls for the pie crust to be baked prior to filling it. It turned out wonderfully buttery and flaky.
The filling was a simple, required cooking, and was almost a pudding or custard consistency. You have to work quickly, so have all your ingredients laid out and ready.

The meringue was fun to make, if time consuming, but it turned out so pretty! Then we piled the meringue on top, fashioning shiny little peaks.

Then it was time to bake. Just enough to brown the meringue, caramelizing the sugars.

Refrigerate until cool. I recommend letting it get cold. I think it tastes better that way. Then the perfect slice.

I am so excited at how well this came out. Its absolutely perfect. And delicious.

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